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I Love You Jaan

I asked God for water,
= He gave me an ocean.

I asked God for a flower,
= He gave me a garden.

I asked God for a tree,
= He gave me a forest.

I asked God for a LOVE,
= < and = >He gave me YOU.


I love U

I Luv u

I Love You
More Than I Can Say.........

Ten Roses For My Sweetheart

This Rose is for Friendship
This Rose is for Accepting My Love
>>@ --->------
This Rose is for Kisses
This Rose is for Hugs
This Rose is for Trust
This Rose is for Relation
This Rose is for True Love
This Rose is for Sucess Of Our Love
This Rose is for Only Love
This Rose is for Liza Meri Jaan

Love You Hameshaa

I cant believe the way you actually make me feel,
You make me so happy that I cant believe it is real,
All the times when we talk you make me have a huge smile,
When we stop talking I still think of you for a long while,
I wish we could get closer because you make me feel great,
You make me smile early in the day and until it gets late,
Its the things you say to me and the special looks on your face,
Since you make me so happy I have put you in a special place,
That place is my heart and there you will always be known,
I cant wait until I talk to you on the computer or the phone,
You can make me smile from the way you walk or stand,
Its the little things you do; I dont know if you understand,
You are so sweet and beautiful I dont believe your real,
I have to thank you for it all, and thats how you make me feel!