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Beliefs And Opinions


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Welcome To The World Of KSHITIJ

Here are my few ideas and thinkings about certain things in life.

Value Of Time.

Value Of Time

Mission Impossible
Made Possible.

To Prove: 1=2

Here In The KSHITIJ'S World Everything Is Possible



Hence Proved.


Examination Hall =Cricket Field
Examinee =Batsman
Examiner =Umpire
Mark Sheet =Score Board
Difficult Question =First Paced Ball
Easy Question =Boundary
Pen =Bat
Question Paper =Ball
Caught Cheating =Clean Bowled
Sitting Idle =Playing Defensive
Question Out Of Course =Wide Ball
Distinction in 3 Subjects=Hat-trick
Attemted No Questions =Duck
First Position In School =Man Of Series
First Position In Class =Man Of Match
Compartment =Lost The Match By 3-4 runs
Failed =Lost The Match